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New Character guidelines

In order for me to get a better idea of what the game world will look like, i’d like to have all your characters in front of me, mostly ready to play. With that in mind, here are my guidelines: Note: These are all, in fact, guidelines. If you can convince me why i should allow you an exception, it may be granted.

You may use ANY of the following classes:
(Dragon #379)Assassin
(Forgotten Realms)Swordmage

I highly recommend downloading D&D Insider’s Character Builder program. It is in invaluable tool for creating characters from scratch. Nate, if you could set up a Dropbox with your version (and the most recent update) in there, that would be amazing.
For reference, i have put all necessary source books in my own Dropbox with links at the bottom of this page.

These races appear everywhere. Some are more likely to be found in polite civilization, while others in the wild or in settlements of their own kind, but they are almost universal across the countryside. These include:
Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Gnoll, Goblin, Kobold, Orc

While by no means plentiful, these are not so rare as to draw surprise from anyone but the countriest of bumpkins. These include:
Half-elf, Half-orc, Hobgoblin

These are the races that you’ve probably heard of, but most likely have never met. They include:
Dragonborn, Elf, Tiefling, Goliath, Shifter, Minotaur, Bugbear, Drow, Duergar

You probably haven’t even heard of these folk before. They include:
Eladrin, Deva

The stuff of myths, legends and nightmares, these peoples are generally from other planes or are simply so rare that there may only be a handful in existence. All are restricted from play except those in bold. They include:
Githzerai, Shardmind, Wilden, Bladeling, Bullywug, Changeling, Gensai, Githyanki, Kalashtar, Kenku, Revenant, Shadar-kai, Warforged

Please do come up with a backstory. Be as vague as you can since there aren’t really many towns or nations to come from yet, but there is a mechanic now that provides small skill bonuses to people from specific backgrounds. I would like to let you have these. For example, if you grew up on the street, i would most likely give you a +2 bonus to Streetwise.

To be fair to everyone, you all will use the 18, 14, 11, 10, 10, 8 array for determining your scores (pre-racial modifiers, of course).

Once again, the Character Builder is an invaluable resource for choosing your feats and abilities if you don’t want to go poring through all the manual PDFs. That said, the manuals i’ve provided have all the skills you could possibly need.

You all have 100g to buy your any piece of equipment from the PHBs. If you have any issues or questions, by all means, ask.

That should be it!

I’m not sure of your capacity to alter this website, so if you can’t post all your character information here, let me know and i’ll figure it out. There is a convenient Character Sheet built into the character section, so that’s cool. Once you sign up, i’ll be able to transfer the character under your ownership.

If you need any manuals for reference, let me know.



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